Private Reef Trip day trip

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    Say G'day to the Locals!
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    Great option for families with Jr Open Water Divers
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    Get close to the amazing wild life!

Exclusive – Unique – Amazing. Guided diving is the best way to see the Great Barrier Reef. Your professional guide knows the reef and its critters, takes care of navigation and provides comprehensive dive site briefings. You can just blow bubbles and enjoy the view, spending time exploring this amazing underwater world and its friendly inhabitants.

Most boats offer guided diving.  Cairns Dive School is the only operator to offer:

  • Private Guided Diving – from 1 person to 4
  • Family Guided Diving – perfect for Junior Open Water Divers
  • Combination Introductory and Certified Diving – share the experience
  • Same Price Guided Introductory and Certified Diving – best value

All Cairns Dive School Private Guided Dive Trips Include:

  • Great Barrier Reef day trip aboard Tusa Dive
  • 4-5 hours at the Great Barrier Reef
  • Three (3) private guided scuba dives
  • Visit two (2) pristine outer reef sites
  • Private dive site briefings and dive guide
  • Dive freedom, you dictate what you see and for how long
  • 40-minute dives (pending your air consumption)
  •  Quality diving equipment (yours for the day)
  • Wetsuits and/or Stingersuits (pending season)
  • Reef talk and presentation
  • Professional photographer onboard (additional cost)
  • Camera Hire included as well plus all your photos compliments of your  Guide
  • Morning and afternoon tea
  • Delicious, fresh and healthy buffet lunch

Private guided dive trips can be booked for introductory (no experience necessary) or certified divers, or a combination of both.

Please Note: The minimum age of participants in a Private Guided Introductory Dive Trip is 12 years of age, minimum age of participants in a Private Guided Dive Trip for a certified diver is 10 years of age.  All participants will need to complete dive medical paperwork and be a confident swimmer in open water.  Some health conditions (including asthma, diabetes and pregnancy) will preclude you from scuba diving. 

Private Guided Dive trips: Introductory Scuba Divers

Longer Dive Time – Life Changing Experience.  All introductory scuba diving is guided.  Professional instructors provide detailed briefings on the equipment and underwater communication skills before taking you diving on the reef.  Most of Cairns’ introductory dives last 20 minutes.  Cairns Dive School’s introductory dives last up to 40 minutes, pending air consumption, giving you more time explore the reef.  For introductory divers travelling with their certified diving friends/family, this is the only option where you can dive together to share the experience.


Private Guided Dive Trips: 3 Scuba Dives at the Outer Great Barrier Reef: Price is Per Person
1 Diver $500
2 Divers $450
3-4 Divers* $400


Private Guided Dive trips: Certified Scuba Divers

Perfect for Photographers and Videographers.  Cairns Dive School’s personal dive guides know the Great Barrier Reef.  Tailor the dive to suit your interests and experience levels. If you want to spend time with turtles or getting that great shot of nemo, Cairns Dive School’s guides know where to find them. Advantages: no waiting on groups, private briefings, personal equipment, guide will act as supervisor and navigator.   This is a great option for families wanting to experience the Great Barrier Reef together, especially those with a Junior Open Water Diver in the group.


Private Guided Dive Trips: 3 Scuba Dives at the Outer Great Barrier Reef: Price is Per Person
1 Diver $500
2 Divers $450
3-4 Divers* $400




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